BOAT SOLAR largest solar-powered

ship constructed by the Knierim Yacht Club, in Kiel, Germany. Built for 14 months, the largest solar-powered ship ever built has impressive dimensions. environmentally friendly. (Go green)

multihull will be home to four sailors for efforts around the world, and can accommodate up to forty people for a planned promotional trip in every port.

Ideal shape and size of the vessel to the selected route will be determined by in-depth research. The engineers PlanetSolar must factor in a number of parameters – propulsion, the design of solar panels, energy storage, materials, and the external environment. Various all research needs to be done in areas such as boat hydro and aerodynamics, materials used, energy storage and management and, ultimately, power generation and optimal routing concentration. A futuristic technology
The energy captured from the sun and stored in Lithium Ion battery in the world, which powers the electric motor will sound and pollution-free, as long as 160 days of travel.

His boat was named “Turanor” to mean “solar power” in the story of JRR Tolkein of the trilogy “Lord of the Rings”, which is the idea Domjan’s.

Former Swiss-born mountain guide, Gerard d’Aboville will be joined at the wheel “Turanor” and will be accompanied by 2 engineers.

Ship by price $ 16,000,000 this is the type of catamaran, with two types of ship hull, which can save energy by splitting the waves. The ship will move in at an average speed of 7.5 knots – which is almost equal to the speed of the oil tanker.

Turanor’s battery can store enough energy to run the boat around 72 hours without sunlight, said Domjan. But it is a scenario that is determined to be avoided.

Length: 31 m Width: 15 m with flaps Length: 35 m Width with flaps: 23 m Height: 6.1 m Draft: 1.55 m Weight: 95 t solar module surface: 537 m² PV panel efficiency: 18.8% installed PV power: 93.5 kW (127.0 HP) Average consumption of engine: 20 kW (26.8 HP) Crew: 6 persons capacity passenger: 40orang


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