Legendary Sportsman

1. Lance Armstrong

Being one of the most inspiring stories in sports history, Lance Armstrong is not just a success through cancer, but also won the Tour De France 7 times in a row. American racer was retired in 2005, then returned in 2009 with Astana team at age 37 and fought back in the Tour De France after 4 years did not participate. He has not won the eighth title, but still there is a chance!

2.Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s retirement at the age of 30 years in 1993. He has won three times by the NBA champion Chicago Bulls team.
In 1995, he returned to play for the Chicago Bulls and give victory in 1996. He again retired in 1999 and moved to take care the Washington Wizards. Because it is not his expertise, Michael returned to play. After failing two seasons, he retired real.

3. Zinedine Zidane

‘Zizou’ started his international career in 1994 with the French national team. After the failure at Euro 2004, he retired.
In 2005, he was asked back by the coach of France. He carried the team into the 2006 World Cup final but was expelled in the final fight with a red card after the gore Marco Matterazzi. Zinedine Zidane retired forever.

4. Alain Prost

In the history of Formula 1, only Michael Schumacher and Juan-Manuel Fangio who can win more championships than Alain Prost. Nicknamed ‘The Professor’ for cleverness in the race, Alain began to enter F1 with McLaren at the age of 25.
After winning three championships, he decided to retire from the Ferrari team. Alain Prost F1 on leave in 1992. He later returned in 1993 for Renault and won in 1994, the same year he declared retirement.

5. Michael Schumacher

Michael struggled listed himself in the book world record by winning seven world championships, four in a row. But then, the young star Fernando Alonso is shining in 2005 and won in 2006. Michael then decided to retire.
In 2010, he returned to Mercedes. Although he has not shown such as past accomplishments, he is committed to continue to race until 2012.

6. George Foreman

Double world champion George Foreman threw the towel in 1975, after he defeated world champion Mohammad Ali. The following year he returned to the ring and fight against Ali, Agosto and Jimmy Young.
Foreman then leave boxing for a career in the field of religion, a waiter at a church in Texas. 10 ytahun later, at age 38, he was back again, stronger and better. He again won the world championship and became the oldest boxer ever to fight in the ring.

7. Niki Lauda

After two world championship titles with Ferrari, Niki Lauda has said it will leave the team. He later joined the Brabham for two seasons before actually retiring.
After a time in business aviation, Niki back on the track racing, this time with McLaren.
He won a world championship title in 1984 with McLaren and leaving the sport forever in 1985 after a business flight.

8. Muhammad Ali

In 1970, boxing legend Mohammad Ali was arrested for not join the Vietnam War, said his religion forbade it that way. This means he lost his duel license, and must leave the professional boxing.
In 1971, it reversed the decision and Ali returned to the ring.


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