The Legend of 9 Bijuu

1. Ichibi no Shukaku

Data Ichibi no Shukaku:
Shukaku is a bijuu in the form of one of a raccoon or Tanuki in Japanese. Formerly Shukaku is a priest of Nara which turned into a monster because of the power of Yamata no Orochi. He then turned into a giant raccoon. His personality is cheerful, fun, very silly and fun to play, according to the habitat Tanuki. Have a happy sexual life, like raccoons in general. He lives than the souls of those who die because of sand and wind. Purple tattoos all over his body signifies his nickname as the god of wind.

Shukaku then was defeated and sealed by a monk named Nara Oraga Nakashimu by using a variety of magic. Then the monk was using magic tool “Deer Horn Kettle” and sealed it in the Shrine Temple of the Winds.

2. Nibi no Nekomata

Data Nibi no Nekomata:
Nekomata is a creature from Japanese mythology story, believed to be a metamorphosis of pet cats. He comes from the Evil Forest in northern Hokkaido and supposedly first discovered in Hokkaido Forest devil, he comes from the Evil Forest (different from the jungle demon) in northern Hokkaido. The shape of a giant monster black cat, who sometimes appears with two black angel wings are great. He is the God of Death pets. Nekomata life from consuming the bodies and souls of the dead.

Legend has it, originally Nekomata just a cat pet owners who are often tortured. Once the cat reaches the age of ten years, gradually tail will split into two parts, along with the increasing power of astrologers (shamanism) and magic (necromancy) the cat.

Nekomata eventually killed by the Kyuubi, then suddenly his soul was called by God of Death. His body was kept in the Holy Places in the Forest of Death, sealed by God of Death himself.

3. Sanbi no Isonade

Data Sanbi no Isonade:
Isonade shaped like a shark with horns on his head and has three tails and three fins, he was also able to control the water as they wish. It was first discovered in the waters Yamagawa and live in the depths of waters of western Japan. Every few months he’ll come out to the surface to breathe air. When he does this he will cause storms and waves in the surrounding waters, all nearby ship would sink and then used as food by Isonade. He also frequently attacked ships sailing in the ocean free.

Fisherman and brave knight from Yokohama, namely Takuma Muramasa, sacrificing himself in the two villages with bold action, over and seal fishing Isonade Samehada subordinates in magic tool “Jar Shark” and sealed it in the Shrine Temple of Water. Isonade then be unable to obtain additional chakras, and eventually fatigue and inhaled by the seal means magic in Water Temple Shrine.

4. Yonbi no Sokou

Data no Sokou:
Sokou is a creature from Japanese mythology story, cock-shaped half-serpent who supposedly lived on Mount Fuji, Japan. Sokou has four tail and poisonous gas spread around the body. Initially, Sokou is a rooster and a snake that establish love. Due to the influence of air / gas and toxic volcanic ash in the mountains, the two animals together and become larger and turn into a monster half-snake petengger. Petengger and snake are husband and wife in the body Sokou Everything around him will become weak or die, because of their toxicity.

5. Gobi no Hokou

Data Gobi no Hokou:
Houkou is a bijuu in the form like a five-tailed dog. Each tail of this creature represents each and every elemental forces: Fire, Wind, Water, Land, and Thunder. It can cause devastating damage when used. His ability is to use all elements and combine them. Each element also can lead to catastrophic depending on the species. Hokou intend to destroy nature to regain the five elements. He suffered severe injuries when challenged Kyuubi alone with Nekomata.

After receiving a severe wound, Houkou runs away to one of the Japanese island and hid in a place near Kyushu Volcano giant tree, to restore the wound. However, the position of the tree is not known by anyone.

6. Rokubi no Raijuu

Raijuu is a bijuu which is shaped like a beaver, has 4 feet and nails are very sharp. When the roar like thunder. Originally, he was the god of lightning, but because of the strength of Yamata no Orochi she turned into a monster. Raijuu can release large amounts of electricity for the fight. Its fur is golden and the edges stand. Having six tail that looks like lightning, like an ancient god of lightning.

A ninja named Sarutobi in legend, beat Raijuu effectively using the technique “Kinjutsu: Raikiri”. Techniques that are released by electrical fend Raijuu to cut and restore it to Raijuu. This makes the monster was to receive its own attack and suffered injury (so-called Electric Knife). He then sealed by Sarutobi with the magic tool “Hidden Thunder Prison” and sealed it in the Shrine Temple of Lightning.

7. Shichibi no Kaku

Data Shichibi no Kaku:
Kaku is a bijuu in the form of a squirrel. Kanjinya can also be read as Mujina, which is the name of the squirrel subspecies (Meles Meles Anaguma) in several places in Japan. He comes from the altar of sacrifice on the outskirts of Nagoya. Kaku has seven tails, and the smallest among the bijuu, although he is a bijuu terlicik and the “intruders” from the nine other Bijuu. Rigid hunt their prey from the ground all the time. He was killed in a way erode / destroy the ground under its prey, making it fall right in the mouth which was wide open. On the ground, he can turn into anything, as long as he has a clay. His body was blue.

Clay storage Kaku’s in a hole was discovered by the Knights and burned. Kaku be unable to change shape again and was defeated by a brave knight named Ikkyo Soujin, which seal Kaku with magic tool “Altar of Land Used” and sealed it in the Shrine Temple Land.

8. Hachibi no Orochi (Yamata no Orochi)

Data Hachibi no Orochi (Ya no Orochi):
Yamata no Orochi is a snake-shaped Bijuu. She had a blood-red eyes, eight heads and the head (also portrayed by the roots wrapped around shrubs and bushes) and has the power of the demon world, a symbol of evil. Each head of Yamata no Orochi represents a symbol: the soul, ghosts, evil, devil, the world after death, and death. Actual strength of the Yamata no Orochi should not be too large, even weak. A member of the Kusanagi clan, when attacking to carelessness, using the legendary sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi. Therefore, as a consequence, Yamata no Orochi takes over the sword and absorb the forces that are inside and become a very powerful creature, and finally storing it inside their bodies. With his new power, Yamata no Orochi issue a power of darkness is very great that the other bijuu wake, and become arrogant. Yamata no Orochi defeated many bijuu but he was defeated by the Kyuubi. The reason is simple: Kyuubi’s power is not limited to, making a hole in the Kusanagi that even the ninja Sasuke Sarutobi and Enma the legendary monkey king could not scratch it at all. In legend, he matched the Kyuubi in terms of strength, but he has limitations.

9. Kyuubi no Yokou

Bijuu with a nine-tailed fox form and is the strongest of the bijuu. The reason why he’s very strong very simple, he has unlimited chakra, making him worthy of the name “King of Bijuu”. Its strength comes from his fire seal. After fighting for 100 years with Yamata no Orochi, it becomes exhausted but seal the Kyuubi can still survive and stand. . Bijuu Kyuubi no Yokou is strongest in Japanese mythology. The body is covered in red fur. Kyuubi represents the element fire. His ability is very remarkable. Having never be defeated even by Youkai, the real power can not be measured. Its tail wind vortex out by twisting quickly, and Kyuubi can rip his enemies with his giant paws. Feathers can be issued as a meteor fireball that never runs out, enough to destroy a village quickly.

Somewhere, Kyuubi constantly killing people who is on his way to find who is awakened. Yamata no Orochi did not tell anyone who has been awakened, although it turns out Yamata no Orochi himself had awoken.


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