BOAT SOLAR largest solar-powered

ship constructed by the Knierim Yacht Club, in Kiel, Germany. Built for 14 months, the largest solar-powered ship ever built has impressive dimensions. environmentally friendly. (Go green)

multihull will be home to four sailors for efforts around the world, and can accommodate up to forty people for a planned promotional trip in every port.

Ideal shape and size of the vessel to the selected route will be determined by in-depth research. The engineers PlanetSolar must factor in a number of parameters – propulsion, the design of solar panels, energy storage, materials, and the external environment. Various all research needs to be done in areas such as boat hydro and aerodynamics, materials used, energy storage and management and, ultimately, power generation and optimal routing concentration. A futuristic technology
The energy captured from the sun and stored in Lithium Ion battery in the world, which powers the electric motor will sound and pollution-free, as long as 160 days of travel.

His boat was named “Turanor” to mean “solar power” in the story of JRR Tolkein of the trilogy “Lord of the Rings”, which is the idea Domjan’s.

Former Swiss-born mountain guide, Gerard d’Aboville will be joined at the wheel “Turanor” and will be accompanied by 2 engineers.

Ship by price $ 16,000,000 this is the type of catamaran, with two types of ship hull, which can save energy by splitting the waves. The ship will move in at an average speed of 7.5 knots – which is almost equal to the speed of the oil tanker.

Turanor’s battery can store enough energy to run the boat around 72 hours without sunlight, said Domjan. But it is a scenario that is determined to be avoided.

Length: 31 m Width: 15 m with flaps Length: 35 m Width with flaps: 23 m Height: 6.1 m Draft: 1.55 m Weight: 95 t solar module surface: 537 m² PV panel efficiency: 18.8% installed PV power: 93.5 kW (127.0 HP) Average consumption of engine: 20 kW (26.8 HP) Crew: 6 persons capacity passenger: 40orang


Top 10 Countries The Largest access Facebook in 2010

Up is still the most popular sites in the world version of Google AdPlanner. Within six years, social networks from the United States today already has half a billion users in the world, exactly 571,884,500 users. Fantastic.

In the last month alone, about 750 billion pages up back and forth opened the world’s Internet users. Usually known as the page view.

From Google AdPlanner statistics as of late November, Facebook is still above (2), (3), (4), and (5).

Up increasingly popular. So anyone that accesses the state’s largest social networking world? Here are 10 countries accessor up the largest per-year 2010:

1. United States : 146,805,000

2. Indonesia : 31,784,080

3. United Kingdom : 28,935,380

4. Turkey : 24,143,980

5. France : 20,469,420

6. Philippines : 18,901,900

7. Mexico : 18,243,080

8. Italy : 17,812,800

9. Canada : 17,522,780

10. India : 16,915,900 CheckFacebook known to audiences up in Indonesia reached 31.7 million, exactly 31,784,080. With an online population of 100 per cent, Indonesia controls 5.56 percent of total Facebook users in the world.

By gender, male users more dominant in Indonesia, which is about 18.7 million (59.1 percent), than women in number is estimated around 12.9 million (40.9 percent).

Meanwhile, based on age, age range 18-24 years is the largest, ie, 13.1 million users (41.5 percent). Followed by adolescents 14-17 years age range of 8 million users (25.4 percent), and age range 25-34 years amounted to 6.8 million users (21.6 percent). The rest, not more than 20 percent.

For the 35-44 year age range, users around 2 million users (6.2 percent). While the 44-54 year age range, there are about 525 thousand users (1.7 percent), equivalent to an age range 55 and above, about 500 thousand (1.7 percent). User portion of children, or 13 years and under, accounting for 615 thousand (1.9 percent).

The data above dikutiip VIVAnews from CheckFacebook. However, CheckFacebook not affiliated with Facebook. Every day, CheckFacebook publish data reported from advertising tool up to help marketers and research institutions to understand how the up scattered around the world.

Torn African continent?

Generally, the formation of rivers, seas, or mountains occur in a very slow. However, cases that occurred in Afar, northern Ethiopia, another from another. An ocean began to take shape with remarkable speed, for standard sizes of geology.

In 2005, Dereje Ayalew and his colleagues who is a geologist from Addis Ababa University was surprised, and even fear. How not, they just got out of the helicopter and set foot on the desert plain in Ethiopia, when the earth shook beneath them.

Suddenly, the pilot shouted call them back to the helicopter, and sure enough. Immediately the earth divided. Ground cracks open and moving quickly toward the researchers like a zipper that opens.

After a while, the ground stopped moving, and after recovering from the shock, Ayalew and his colleagues realized that they had just witnessed history. For the first time, people can watch the first stage of the birth of an ocean.

Abnormal Phenomenon

Normally, the changes in the Earth’s surface barely noticeable. Human lifetime is too short to watch the river turn directions, mountains taller, or opening a new valley.

However, in Afar, in recent months appeared hundreds gap that separates the desert base. At the same time, scientists have found an increase in the height of magma from the Earth getting closer to the soil surface.

Magma would eventually form the basis of oceanic basalt. In geology, as quoted by Spiegel, 13 December 2010, not long after the water from the Red Sea region down to meet them. Ocean will be born and break Africa.

The phenomenon was witnessed dramatic Ayalew and his colleagues in the Afar desert on September 26, 2005 is clear evidence that process. The opening of the crack followed the earthquake that lasted continuously for a week.

Within a few months later, hundreds of other cracks appeared on the ground, spread in an area of approximately 900 square kilometers. “The earth does not stop moving after it,” said Tim Wright, a geophysicist from the University of Oxford. “The land continues to split and sink. Small earthquakes continue to shake the region, “he said.

Afar Triangle, which cuts Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti, is the largest cracks in the Earth. Underneath, there are three tectonic plates where the African and Arabian plates getting away with a speed of 1 to 2 centimeters per year. When two plates move away, land on it fell and provide space to accommodate the water from the Red Sea.

Tectonic movement

Earth’s plates are constantly moving resulted in the Afar Triangle sinking fast. Certain sections have declined by more than 100 meters below sea level.

Currently, the plateau that surrounds the decrease in Afar are still able to prevent the water from the Red Sea into the region. However, erosion and tectonic plate movement continues to reduce the height of a natural fortress. Not to mention the floods that regularly hit the region.

Africa is a source of magma flow in the giant soft rock inside the Earth and cut across the African continent. The process of magma movement was started about 30 million years ago when the first lava reached the continental shelf and then separating the Arabian peninsula to Africa and resulted in the Red Sea.

The series of volcanoes that line the approximately 6 thousand kilometers in the eastern part of Africa also provides evidence that the African continent was divided. In some parts, the crust of the earth has begun to open and allowing magma underneath merangsak ride.

From the Red Sea in the north, to Mozambique in the south, dozens of volcanoes have been formed. Nyiragongo Mount Kilimanjaro and is the second most popular.

According to geophysicist, in 10 million years into the future, active volcanoes, and also the plain area around the cracks Afar, it will eventually sink into the sea.

Is The Bright Star of Bethlehem Really True?

Getty Images

Los Angeles: Legend of the stars who appear in the sky exactly in the city of Bethlehem which led the three Magi to the manger, a place where baby Jesus lay has been debated for some time, so Telegrapah released on Monday (13 / 2).

The question whether the bright star is actually real explanation is probably the star was a conjunction between the planets Jupiter and Venus that looked like a bright star. The star is appearing around the second century BC.

If the hypothesis is correct, we can predict the exact date for the birth of Christ that day falls on June 17, the second century BC. (Vin)

Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu is a volcano located on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. The location of this mountain village precisely in Pemo, District Flores, Ende. This mountain has three crater lakes on top. The lake is known as the Lake of Three Colors because it has three different colors, namely red, blue, and white. Even so, the colors are always changing over time.

Flores is a combination word of “keli” meaning mountain and the word “quality” which means to boil. According to local belief, the colors on the lake Flores has the meaning of each and have a very powerful natural forces.

Lake or Tiwu Flores in the top three sections corresponding to the color – the color that is in the lake. Blue lake or “Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai” is a gathering place for the souls of young people who have died. Lake of the red or “Tiwu Ata Polo” is a gathering place for the souls of the dead and as long as he lived always commit a crime / magick. While the lake is white or “Tiwu Mbupu Ata” is a gathering place for the souls of parents who have died.

The third area of the lake of about 1,051,000 square meters with a volume of 1292 million cubic meters of water. Boundary between the lake was a narrow stone walls prone to landslides. This wall is very steep with 70-degree angle. Lake wall height ranges from 50 to 150 meters.

10 Weird Places on Earth

1. Dry Valleys – Antarctica

Dry Valley in Antarctica has a gravel floor, and said that the views that you can see in this place not so far in the Martian landscape. This extraordinary scenery akana be found in Antarctica, and did not get snow, it is also the only place with no ice in Antarctica. Sometimes on the valley floor have lake ice thickness reaches several meters. And below this lake, there is a very salty water, and a more exciting again, it turns out there is in that water creatures that can live!

2. Socotra Island – Indian Ocean

If you have the opportunity to visit this island, you can easily lie that you’ve just abducted Alien, which views the island of Socotra has been isolated from the nearest continent, the continent of Africa for 6 or 7 million this year, very unique. Moreover, in this island there are 700 species of flora and fauna flora rarest in the world.
But do not expect to live, the climate of this island is very hard, hot and very dry. The beach on this island there are a lot of caves, one cave even reach a length of 7 km, and the mountain on the island reaches a height of 1525 meters, and even some plants reached 20 million years old.

3.Rio Tinto – Spain

Rio Tinto mine features magnificent views plus strange, so the scenery is more similar to the moon. The growth of these mines do not just eat the mountains and valleys that exist, even until all the villagers near the mine should be moved to a nearby town. Red water in the river is very acidic Rio Tinto and the high content of heavy metals.

4. Klikuk, the Spotted Lake – Canada

During summer, water in this lake, evaporate and leave mineral is crystallized, and forming various small pond with a variety of colors, which in general is blue and green. Mineral content in water and mud helps reduce pain, so that the local Indian tribes often use this place as a place to care for their wounded members.

5. Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

It is perhaps the most beautiful places (and strangely) in the world. Areas with the largest salt desert in the world, including active volcanoes, geysers and plains, with a variety of unique mirage that makes you feel living on another planet.

6. Vale da Lua – Brazil

The translation of the name of this place is the Valley of the Moon, which is a stone basin of water eroded, leaving many ‘natural swimming pool’. Rocks in this valley is the world’s oldest rocks, formed from the edges of crystal quartz.

7. Blood Pond Hot Spring – Japan

Hot Springs Pool of Blood, is one ‘hell’ in Beppu, Japan. Nine natural hot springs that appear in this place is very beautiful, but maybe not for bathing. ‘Hell is a pool of blood’ has water with red color due to iron content in it. Feeling on Mars huh?

8. The Stone Forest – China

Stone Forest in Shilin read the original language, is a natural rock that formed from water that bubbled continuously hit the surface and erode the stone and leave the form of natural poles. This area was known since the Ming and coordination is considered as the ‘Miracle of the First World’

9. The Richat Structure – Mauritania

The surface of this remarkable land in the Southwest part of the Sahara, and called Richat Structure, and so large (diameter reaches 50km) until it can be seen from space. A circle which is also still can not be explained by scientists

10. Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves – Austria

Ice Cave is quite different from ordinary cave. Once you enter, there are luminescence light will make you feel you are not in this planet, but is exploring the other planets. Eisriesenwelt Cave is the largest cave that exists and can reach a length of 40km.

top 10 tallest buildings of our modern world

10.Jin Mao Tower

The landmark supertall skyscarper is situated in Pudong, Shanghai, China. The tower features offices, restaurants and observation decks. At the time of completion it was 5th tallest building in the world by roof and 7 th tallest by pinnacle height. Jin Mao Tower is a part of Pudong skyline and is right next to Shanghai World Financial Center.

9.Trump International Hotel and Tower

Trump International Hotel and Tower also known as Trump Tower Chicago and simply Trump Tower is named after its owner Donald Trump who is a real estate developer. It is situated in downtown Chicago Illinois. This condo-hotel sits adjacent to Chicago river and has a four or five star rated restaurant (according to forbes) and it includes,from the ground up, retail space ,spa, a parking garage, a hotel, and condominiums and is currently the tenth tallest building in the world.

8.Guangzhou International Finance Center

The building is situated in Zhujiang Avenue West in Tianhe District at Guangzhou, China. The construction started in 2005 and is expected to finish this year (2010). First 66 floors will be used for office purposes, floor 67 and 68 will be used for mechanical equipment whereas 69 to 99 will be used as hotel. 99th and 100th floor is observation deck and the lobby of hotel is at 70th floor.

7. Willis Tower

The building is situated in Chicago, Illinois. At its time of construction it was the tallest building in the world (in 1974) surpassing World Trade Center in New York. Former name of the building was Sears Towers which in 2009 was changed to Willis Tower. This building is currently the tallest building in America and 5th tallest free standing structure in the world.
In 2006 seven men were arrested by the FBI. Their plan was to destroy this building. They were sentenced to 13 1/2 years in prison.

6. Nanjing Greenland Financial Center

The building is situated in Nanjing,China. The building has offices in the lower floor and restaurant and observationdecks near the top. The observation deck is on the 72th floor of the tower. This building is second tallest building in china and was 5th tallest in the world at the time of completion.

5. Patronas towers

Patronas Towers are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Building is also known as Twin Towers and are the tallest twin towers in the world. Patronas Towers were also the tallest towers from 1998 to 2004. The towers also feature a double story bridge which the highest 2 story bridge in the world. It is not attached to the mainframe but instead is slide in and out in order to protect it from being destroy in high winds.

4. International Commerce Center

The building is located in West Kowloon, Hong Kong. The formal development name of the building is Union Square Phase 7 as it is a part of Union Square project on top of Kowloon station. After completion it is the tallest building in Hong Kong and building with 3rd tallest roof. It also features a restaurant Ritz-Carlton (five-star) which happens to be the highest restaurant in the world and it occupies the top 15 floors of the building.

3. Shanghai World Financial Center

It is located in Pudon Shanghai,China. The building features hotels, offices, conference roomsand observation decks. The hotel Park Hyatt Shanghai was the highest hotel at the time of completion and contains 178 room and is on the 93rd floor. It was surpassed by Ritz-Carlton. At the time of completion it was second tallest building on the world with the highest occupied floor and tallest roof in the world. Its observation deck is 474 meters high which is the highest observation deck in the world.

2. Taipei 101

The building marks the identity of Taiwan. It is located in Xinji District,taipei,Taiwan. Due to the remarkable engineering it was ranked as Seven New Wonders of the World (by Newsweek magazine 2006) and seven Wonders of Engineering (by Discovery Channel). The design of the building reflects the evolution of technology and local culture and traditions. Its was the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2010. It also received Emprois Skyscraper Award. It is also design to withstand typhoons and earthquakes. It is a mixed used tower offering offices, fitness centers, restaurants.

1.Burj Khalifa

The tallest man made structure sit in the heart of UAE, Dubai. Its former name was Burj Dubai but was changed when the president of Abu Dhabi (Khalifa Bin Zayed) loaned Dubai $ 10 billion since Dubai has been drastically effected by the recession. The name was changed in his honor. Getting and office would set you back a staggering $ 43000 per sq m.