The Reason to Stop Eat FastFood

Still think stopped at fast food outlets after a tired shopping or walking in the mall? Consider again before taking part in line. A recent study shows, fast food wrappers as dangerous as food ‘junk’ itself.
Wrapping paper prepared foods contain toxins that pollute perfluoroalkali blood. Perfluoroalkali is a toxic chemical synthesis to coat the surface so as not to leak due to oil, grease or water.

Research University of Toronto stated, phosphate deposits polyfluoroalkil (Pap) or fraction perfluorinated carboxylic acid (PFOA) in food packaging led to piss blood. The study found these toxic chemicals can be detected in almost all people in the United States.
In addition to food packaging and fast food wrappers, the source of his presentation included a protective drinking water, dust, air, carpet and fabric, killer fire, pots and face an anti-stain remover stick to clothes. In addition to the blood, the poison is even present in breast milk.

Previous studies refer to non-stick pots and pans most common sources of toxic derivative of PFC. New evidence reveals, plastic paper ready meals are another major source.
In studies of animals, PFOA is associated with health hazards such as:

1. Preterm birth in fetal mice but had no effect on the mother.

2. Weight changes in various organs, including brain, prostate, liver, thymus and kidney.

3. The death of a large number of baby mice whose mothers were exposed to PFOA.

4. Damage to the pituitary, regulating the growth and reproduction, in all the descendants of female rats.

5. The growth of tumors in the long term.

6. Immune system problems.

7. Increasing levels of LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol.


Simple Ways Loving Women

Women love compliments. Not surprisingly, praise can be the simplest way to do a man to make her partner feel loved and cared for.
In fact, if this becomes a habit, praise can help make your relationship and your partner the more lasting. But unfortunately, most men ignore it. After a longstanding relationship, they usually consider it a compliment no longer relevant.

Compliments can also be interpreted as a special gift for someone else. In a relationship, praise is a source of encouragement for the couple. For example, praising a woman who successfully lose weight, this could make him more eager to maintain the diet and body shape.

Compliments can also be a way to build self-confidence of women. Praised at a time when he managed to complete a job, to raise her confidence while enhancing the harmonious relationship.
Praising the art. To know how it is not difficult. But, at present it can not long out beautiful words because it can go wrong. Here are some tips that will help you to praise the right way, quoted from page Dating Tips.

– Praise sincerely
Praise is not just to seek attention of women. This is what happened during this. Most men are not sincere when giving praise pair. In fact, it can reduce the value of a man in her eyes. Womenfolk wanted their partners to genuine praise.

– Best Compliment
Women love compliments an intelligent and detailed. So, not only short compliment, like “nice clothes” or “You’re beautiful.” This is not going to impress.
Women want to hear more explanation, such as you describe where the good or where the beauty. The more detailed your praise, the more his heart soared.

– Often touted
Most women are not enough to just get all compliments of the pair. They interpret praise as proof that their partners always think of him.
When praise is only given once a month, usually the relationship is not too excited. Praise should be given as often as possible (no matter what actually praised trivia) during delivered with sincerity, will make the relationship stronger.

– Praise in public places
A sincere compliment to have a greater effect when delivered in front of friends or family. Expressed praise in front of others will make him feel proud. He will interpret as an expression of respect and appreciation you to him.
Unfortunately, today many men are ignoring this. In fact, moments like that is supposed to be the most important part to make the couple happy.

Six Techniques Teasing Him

First date is usually the gateway to a deeper love relationship. That is why, this being the most important moment to get him the heart.
Latest book titled ‘How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You’, by Leil Lowndes offers some of the best tips to make men fall in love with your dream.

As reported by Times Of India, from the first date many formulas which featured in the book, some of which were flirting tips. Practise this technique to grab six hearts:

– Look at the his eyes
Reliable charmer usually wear this way. Always pay attention to her eyes. This technique is quite effective, because most men want a woman who was always fascinated him.

– Smile
Smile without contrived to be the most effective way to memberika perfect first impression. This is an effective way to approach it. Sweet smile can make you take him on a first date.

How to dress when the first date is very important to note. Wear clothes that can be charming the he, like the dipadupadankan mini dress with small heels (kitten heels). This appearance could attract the him, without looking vulgar.

– Eyes play
While talking to him, let your eyes do ‘trip,’ but of course not too wild, quite in a safe place such as the face and eyes.

– Good sense of humor
Other important tips, make sure you always laugh every time I hear the joke that he is accusing me. And when in a group, be the first person to laugh. In this way brings you closer to him.

– Show your interest in the story
For men, the ideal time to invite a woman were dating when she was saying something important with his personality. For example, if he says something spiritual, say that you want to hear more about it, maybe at dinner tonight.

7 Things that Women Hate from Men

Women admire men for various reasons. Either that, attention, body tegapnya, or intelligence. However, there are a number of typical behavior of a man who does not like women.
Want to know what are they? Check out the interview a group of women who stated the most hated of men, as quoted from page Idiva:

1. High Ego
Many women expect the man a little lower ego. Many women believe, men do not always want to compete with women, no Traffic willing, if women have more of it.

2. Consider women only as sex objects
“One thing I hate about most men is that they often regard women as inferior and only objects of sexual gratification. Whereas women in religion and culture is the figure who must be respected, but women are still often treated badly,” says Miss India 2008, Parvathi Omanakuttan when responding to the attitude of the most hated man.

3. Breast Obsessed
Female breast has become the most interesting part concerns many men. So no wonder at the sight of large breasts, as though his eyes did not blink. In fact, they often see women every day, but still only the first glance that makes many men stare is the woman’s chest. This makes most women feel uncomfortable.

4. Long-haired
Some men may fit-looking long hair. However, if not according to face shape, some women do not like the style of a man with longish hair. And will be even worse, if the long-haired man using a hair tie colorful, hair gel and hair coloring with blonde hair dye. This can be a disgusting thing for women.

5. Men are obsessed appearance
Men always complain when women take longer to get dressed. But it turns out, he also takes time to freshen up, ranging from choosing clothes and even not infrequently of them also use makeup if only a little powder.

6. Sex, sex, sex
The man is obsessed with sexual activity over time. Like a stove, male sex drive like a gas stove. Men just enough to warm up a little to excited. Lots of humor was created for people to show how important sex for a man. Most women think, they only hear what they want.

7. Hairy men
Most men are not willing, if the fine hairs on his body cut off. In fact, most women feel disgusted at the sight of a man with many feathers, especially in the chest.