10 Weird Places on Earth

1. Dry Valleys – Antarctica

Dry Valley in Antarctica has a gravel floor, and said that the views that you can see in this place not so far in the Martian landscape. This extraordinary scenery akana be found in Antarctica, and did not get snow, it is also the only place with no ice in Antarctica. Sometimes on the valley floor have lake ice thickness reaches several meters. And below this lake, there is a very salty water, and a more exciting again, it turns out there is in that water creatures that can live!

2. Socotra Island – Indian Ocean

If you have the opportunity to visit this island, you can easily lie that you’ve just abducted Alien, which views the island of Socotra has been isolated from the nearest continent, the continent of Africa for 6 or 7 million this year, very unique. Moreover, in this island there are 700 species of flora and fauna flora rarest in the world.
But do not expect to live, the climate of this island is very hard, hot and very dry. The beach on this island there are a lot of caves, one cave even reach a length of 7 km, and the mountain on the island reaches a height of 1525 meters, and even some plants reached 20 million years old.

3.Rio Tinto – Spain

Rio Tinto mine features magnificent views plus strange, so the scenery is more similar to the moon. The growth of these mines do not just eat the mountains and valleys that exist, even until all the villagers near the mine should be moved to a nearby town. Red water in the river is very acidic Rio Tinto and the high content of heavy metals.

4. Klikuk, the Spotted Lake – Canada

During summer, water in this lake, evaporate and leave mineral is crystallized, and forming various small pond with a variety of colors, which in general is blue and green. Mineral content in water and mud helps reduce pain, so that the local Indian tribes often use this place as a place to care for their wounded members.

5. Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

It is perhaps the most beautiful places (and strangely) in the world. Areas with the largest salt desert in the world, including active volcanoes, geysers and plains, with a variety of unique mirage that makes you feel living on another planet.

6. Vale da Lua – Brazil

The translation of the name of this place is the Valley of the Moon, which is a stone basin of water eroded, leaving many ‘natural swimming pool’. Rocks in this valley is the world’s oldest rocks, formed from the edges of crystal quartz.

7. Blood Pond Hot Spring – Japan

Hot Springs Pool of Blood, is one ‘hell’ in Beppu, Japan. Nine natural hot springs that appear in this place is very beautiful, but maybe not for bathing. ‘Hell is a pool of blood’ has water with red color due to iron content in it. Feeling on Mars huh?

8. The Stone Forest – China

Stone Forest in Shilin read the original language, is a natural rock that formed from water that bubbled continuously hit the surface and erode the stone and leave the form of natural poles. This area was known since the Ming and coordination is considered as the ‘Miracle of the First World’

9. The Richat Structure – Mauritania

The surface of this remarkable land in the Southwest part of the Sahara, and called Richat Structure, and so large (diameter reaches 50km) until it can be seen from space. A circle which is also still can not be explained by scientists

10. Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves – Austria

Ice Cave is quite different from ordinary cave. Once you enter, there are luminescence light will make you feel you are not in this planet, but is exploring the other planets. Eisriesenwelt Cave is the largest cave that exists and can reach a length of 40km.


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