According to legend, the daughter of Mermaid is a creature of water that has the head and body like a woman and a tail like a fish. Mermaid Fish live in the sea floor and said to be a princess who has sworn some of its members than the waist down to the foot of the fish.

Mermaid Princess is the story of the legendary creature’s Moving centuries ago. They include one of the legendary creature half human half animal. The story of the Mermaid Fish Being in almost all societies in the world. In Greek mythology, the fish is always tempting to say Dugong sailors are negligent. Sesiapa who are tempted to meet his death. Babylonian society also worshiped as the god daughter of the sea Mermaid known as Ea or Oannes. Dugong Oannes described as a male.

The story of the fish Dugong Dugong or daughter the first time found in Assyria. The story tells of goddess Atargatis, the mother of Assyrian queen, Semiramis. Atargatis goddess fell in love with a shepherd, who then killed him. Embarrassed, he plunged into the lake to transform themselves into fish. However, water can not change him completely because he still has power as a goddess. Finally, only half of the fish body.

The famous Greek legend tells that the princess was Thessalonike Mermaid, brother of Alexander the Great who transformed into Dugong after death. He is a life after death as the daughter of Dugong in the Aegean sea, and always ask the fate of his brother.

He only asked one thing if there is a sailor passed. He always asks:
– Ζει ο βασιλιάς Αλέξανδρος? (Zi basiliás Alexandros o?)
(Was Alexander the Great was still alive?).

If he asks so, the proper response is:
– Ζει και βασιλεύει (Zi to basileúi)
(He was still alive and still ruling).

If no answer as such, then it gradually turned into a Gorgon and injure a passing sailor.

The story of the princess Dugong now universal, global, and does not belong to a region or country. Many people from various countries to create characters Mermaid princess present or the past in accordance with the imagination.


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  1. Interesting post,
    thought you might like my machinima film
    The Mermaid Queen
    with Lisa Thiel’s lovely song

    Bright Blessings ~

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