In many parts of the world there is always the eternal mystery. In Norway for example, kraken sea monster story so intriguing, not only ordinary people but also scientists.

The story was so legendary monster kraken among Norwegian sailors for thousands of years. Kraken first term obtained in a journal Systema Naturae (Carolus Linnaeus, 1735). Journal that contains the name of Norway monsters that live in the 12th century. There Kraken creature depicted as a very large living near the waters north of Norway.

Kraken existence of this story back in 1752 strengthened when a bishop who came from Bergen, Norway named Erik Ludvigsen Pontoppidan wrote a book called The Natural History of Norway. In his book illustrates that Pontoppidan’s kraken is being armed with a lot of very long exploiters who could swallow the following awakya ship.

He also described this creature a long measuring more than 20 meters, 5 meters head and eye size of dinner plates.

Want to know the monster’s favorite food? Include other squid smaller and Whales. Wow … …


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