Research In Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM), the company behind the wildly successful BlackBerry Smart Phone announced today that they are releasing a tablet device in November 2010. RIMM currently has a stranglehold on the business and enterprise smartphone market. Their newly announced tablet, potentially named “BlackPad”, is expected to be just as popular amongst the business community as their BlackBerry devices.

Shortly after RIMM’s announcement, Y2Trade, the market leading mobile accessory company, pre-launched their website, , which will seek to become a major player in the BlackPad Accessories market.

BlackBerry owners looking to migrate to the BlackPad, as well as new RIMM customers will be able to find a large selection of accessories for the BlackPad ranging from BlackPad Apps , BlackPad Car Chargers , BlackPad Case , BlackPad Speakers, as well as a replacement BlackPad Battery.

A lot of excitement is buzzing on the Blogosphere and the rumor mills are working in full force regarding the BlackPad’s potential features such as a 9.7 inch touchscreen, a 1 GHz Marvell Processor, and two cameras; a feature only seen on the iPhone 4 at the moment.

Most experts are anticipating the BlackPad to be comparable to the iPad.  Research in motions’s touchscreen technology will be most focused on as this is the most celebrated feature of any tablet.  Will their touchscreen technology be as good as the iPad?.. That has yet to be seen.  Another major feature most gawked about in the blogosphere is the OS or Operating System they will use.  Some bloggers are speculating that they will use the Android OS developed by Google;  But this is just speculation at the moment.

While ther eleaves alot of uncertainty of the BlackPad Device features and specs, one thing is certain;  The Tablet Pad device market is on fire!  Microsoft just released a press release saying their number one focus of the company is to enter the Tablet PC market with vigor.  ABI Research has tripled their forecasted sales trajectory of “media tablets”.  ABI Research is forecasting shipments of tablets to reach a
projected 11 million units by the end of this year; a staggering number.

This market is truely ready to explode with all major manufacturers fighting to create a superior product.  In our view, the BlackPad by RIMM, maker of the BlackBerry, is huge.  BlackPad users will inherit the largest business/enterprise smartphone userbase making it an instant success.  Our pre-analysis brings our estimates that will top Apple’s iPad in sales by 2013 as more corporate clients migrate to the BlackPad.  Migrating should be extremely easy, which is what RIMM is widely known for.


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  1. Blackpad is really an iPad competitor. I love its design.

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