Six Techniques Teasing Him

First date is usually the gateway to a deeper love relationship. That is why, this being the most important moment to get him the heart.
Latest book titled ‘How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You’, by Leil Lowndes offers some of the best tips to make men fall in love with your dream.

As reported by Times Of India, from the first date many formulas which featured in the book, some of which were flirting tips. Practise this technique to grab six hearts:

– Look at the his eyes
Reliable charmer usually wear this way. Always pay attention to her eyes. This technique is quite effective, because most men want a woman who was always fascinated him.

– Smile
Smile without contrived to be the most effective way to memberika perfect first impression. This is an effective way to approach it. Sweet smile can make you take him on a first date.

How to dress when the first date is very important to note. Wear clothes that can be charming the he, like the dipadupadankan mini dress with small heels (kitten heels). This appearance could attract the him, without looking vulgar.

– Eyes play
While talking to him, let your eyes do ‘trip,’ but of course not too wild, quite in a safe place such as the face and eyes.

– Good sense of humor
Other important tips, make sure you always laugh every time I hear the joke that he is accusing me. And when in a group, be the first person to laugh. In this way brings you closer to him.

– Show your interest in the story
For men, the ideal time to invite a woman were dating when she was saying something important with his personality. For example, if he says something spiritual, say that you want to hear more about it, maybe at dinner tonight.


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