Goddess Athena

Athena, goddess of handicrafts, household skills and war. As a goddess of war he boasts versatility dewatanya and extraordinary strength. According to legend, she appeared in a state of complete adult with armor, as the son of Zeus. Of all his children, Zeus chose Athens as the bearer of the shield and lightning. BagiTroya powerful enemy, he fought on the side of the Greek warriors and is told he berdukaatas death of Achilles. But when Troy fell and pollute the Greek temple, he had his revenge. He asked Poseidon reduce storm that disrupt the return of Greek ships.
Full of courage on the battlefield, he also understands the core values of peace and was known as a patron and skills in the household. Unlike other ebih yangl like to call nature as his home, loved Athens Athens kota.Kota favorite is, like its name, and where the temple, the Parthenon, still stands as one of the wonders of the world.


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