God Hephaestus

On Mount Olympia, all the other gods handsome. Except as described ugly Hephaestus. According to legend, because there is a dispute, Zeus threw Hephaestus to earth and make her legs became limp forever. Whatever the deficiencies that exist in themselves, covered Hephaestus with extraordinary powers. And although he was flawed, or perhaps precisely because he was an expert to create objects that very beautiful. From his workshop deep in the earth, the ruler of this creates a fire and the forging of palaces, tombs and dress the gods, such as: lightning of Zeus and Athena armor.
In the Trojan war, he also created new armor for Achilles. But pengabdians ebenarnya not materialize during the war but peace, because he was also the god of protection for artists and craftsmen. Hephaetus delegated the kind of expertise in the beauty and humanity. Weak character softness seen in the detailed design of artistic and large human pertasi of art.


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