God Dionysus

the only god who has human parents is Dionysus. Gift of magic, the grapes are distilled water carrier causes joy or madness. His creation of intoxicating it can make a scene peminumnya and also sparked the chaos caused by drunkenness.
In ancient times, worshipers gathered in the woods and dance in his honor and drink until drunk. Trojan warrior wants to be free from anxiety with a mixture efficacy. Really, that’s the truth throughout the ages until today.
But it is also known as the god Dionysus theater danbeberapa largest ancient poem dedicated to him. And all those involved, from the writer, actor and singer, regarded as pelanyannya.
So next time if you drink wine, bersulanglah to Dionysus. But remember, the thin line between BLESSING and KEHANCURANyang contained in the enjoyment of wine.


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