derived from mythology german .. elf is a race that lives in the woods .. dwelling elves are always hidden and there is magic to protect it so ga just anyone can get into the city of elves .. In the movies, elves depicted a wide range, there is a tiny, there is a like a human but slender and blond hair .. Pointy elf ears, slanted eyes, and his movements agile ..

elves are immortal creatures, their age can be up to hundreds of years .. but also difficult to have a descendant of an elf .. elf is a creature that most understand the feelings of nature .. because all the energy & magic elf from the forest .. if the forest burned .. as well as elves, will go extinct as well ….

Elf itself is still divided into several sub-races again:

  • High elves
  • Dark elves
  • Wood elves

Dark Elf

dark elf is an elf is wasted from the elves else .. they are a people-the exiles .. dark elves from the misuse of natural energy into the power of dark magic .. their strength equally from the woods but they care about energy ga forest can be aja energy they use until exhausted parched forest ..

dark elf with white hair with a face that looks like other elves, but dark skin as black as their magical spell .. they move actively at night .. agile movements and converges with the wind ..

High Elf

high elves exactly opposite of the dark elves .. if evil dark elves, their hero who was good …
high elves already have a civilization, they usually do not live in the forest, they lived in stone cities that they are also protected by magic so that not just anyone can go .. practically, a high elf is an elf lord
high elf magic mastered high class ..

Wood Elf

if wood elves, they lived it in the woods, mingled with woods and symbiosis with the forest .. katro exactly is .. possess magical wood elves are not as strong as the high elves, but they are more agile in moving, the equivalent of dark elves .. Wood elves are more competent in using spears and arrows as their weapons ..


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