Hanging Rock Lake Toba

On the edge of the lake toba there is a natural phenomenon with packages that attract legend. As we all know that the legend is a story of rural communities as if the story happens benar2.

With the boat up the cost Rp 200rb toward the stone pendants, I witnessed the beauty of nature and teman2 charming lake toba. My initial shadow hanging stone is a stone that was located on the edge of a cliff and not fall in that they seemed to hang like on a hill in Sri Lanka.

It turned out that the stone is a kind of hanging black stalagmite hanging over a mountian limestone. From a distance kikisan stone and is said to resemble a human face in this area is prohibited to say dirty. Because it would be hit by bad luck when said dirty.

Once upon a girl in the town of Parapat betrothed by a man that in fact his brother while he is still the heart of the girl was tied to another man. So he chose to commit suicide than married forcibly by his brother who reportedly has a mental disorder. Some say, the girl fell into the hole cave and some say he was deliberately killed himself. While the young woman’s beloved dog followed him and hung beside a black stone which is said incarnation of the girl.

According to a boat driver, in the 70s is still inhabited by cave tersebu Bunian – dwarf. Grove behind the bushes that covered the cave (it is said there is a cave in it), there is still a treasure. And in the 80s, amphibious forces of the Army never tried to lift the treasure was and they managed to get some ancient gold jewelry. And after their families had died suddenly, finally the ancient gold jewelry were returned to their places of origin in order to avoid misfortune.

On the feast of Lake Toba in 2008 which will take place in June this buffalo cutting ceremony will be held under this hanging stone location for the VISION. And supposedly forbidden to use the color green color shirt with water lake Toba, because it supposedly will treat human Bunian is his friend and taken to the bottom of the lake.


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