Another thing About GPRS (2.5G)

Differences GPRS and WAP
WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol is a technology like the WWW and a protocol for accessing the internet through cell phones, while GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). is the connection technology used by HP to the Internet. For example, we use broadband on a PC connected to the Speedy.

Main Components
The main components of the GPRS network is:
GGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node): gateway GPRS network link to the Internet. The function of this component is as an interface to the PDN (Public Data Network), routing information, network screening, user screening, and address mapping.
SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node): a network connecting gate BSS / BTS to the GPRS network. This component is used to deliver data packets to the MS, the HLR updates to customers, new customer registration.
PCU: BSS-level component that connects the terminal to the GPRS network

How It Works
SGSN duties: 1. Send packets to the Mobile Station (MS) in a second area. Sending a number of questions to the HLR to obtain customer profile data (GPRS mobility management) 3. MS-detect new GPRS service in an area under his responsibility (location management) 4. SGSN is connected to the BSS in the GSM frame relay connection through the PCU (Packet Control Unit) in the BSC.

GGSN are responsible for: 1. As an interface to external IP networks such as: public Internet or a mobile service provider 2. Updating routing information from the PDU (Protocol Data Units) to the SGSN.

GPRS uses packet switching communications system as a way to transmit its data. Packet switch is a system where the data to be transmitted is divided into small portions (packets) and then transmitted and converted back to the original data. This system can transmit thousands or even millions of packets per second. Transmission is done through PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network) using IP as 08063464xxx. Because it allows for the use of transmission channels at the same time by another user then the GPRS access costs, in theory, access costs are cheaper than CSD. GPRS is designed to provide packet data transfer service on GSM networks with better speed than GSM. Better speed is obtained by using the coding scheme (CS) which is different from GSM.

Way Fitting
To be able to use GPRS (especially on mobile phones that support) is required settings first. GPRS setting mode is available at each operator. GPRS Settings in HP can be performed with automatic and manual. GPRS settings can be performed automatically by sending an SMS to the provider you have, the charge varies among providers, and format of the messages sent are also different depending on each provider. Meanwhile, for the GPRS settings manually HP Simply follow the instructions contained the default setting on HP, without the need to change change it again. If you want to use HP for Internet connection from your PC, you just need to set the GPRS only, without the need to set the WAP or MMS. Three things to note is that the access point name, username, and password. Furthermore, to use GPRS on a computer, can connect GPRS mobile phone that has tersetting it with computers that have been tersetting. Simply enter a number for example 08096470 Dialling and click the dial button, then the request we will immediately connect. Currently, GPRS in Indonesia can not compete with technology, 2.75 G, 3G, 3.5G, and 4G is indeed the further development of the GPRS.


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