Brastagi – Medan Indonesia

Berastagi is the main tourist destinations in Tanah Karo is located at an altitude of about 4594 feet above sea level and surrounded by rows of mountains, has the cool air from a beautiful stretch of farm fields, broad, green. Brastagi is a popular tourist destination that has a complete facility in Tanah Karo, such as hotels, restaurants, golf and others came to the hotel at a rate relatively attainable. Brastagi also known by the nickname of “Passion Fruit & Orange Sweet.”

From the city of “Passion & Sweet Orange” Brastagi, visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery toward the mountains that are still active, namely Sibayak mountain hiking and mountain Sinabung.Untuk Sibayak takes approximately 3 hours drive and we can enjoy the beautiful scenery the mountains or take three to four hour trip in the woods to see the good in it’s natural wealth of flora and fauna in surrounding forest.

Some Brastagi tourist attraction today is: from Medan to Sibolga trip we will meet “Hill Park” or a place to play called “Green Hill”, here we are also able to enter the forest to reach menurusuri “Waterfall 2 Colors.” Continue the journey, before arriving in town we’re seeing Brastagi Hotel “Mikey Holiday” complete with a resort and playground park ride. Brastagi through town we will get to the “Tonggeng” where there is a waterfall that flows into Lake Toba, we can also Hiri down the hill to reach the waterfall. continue our journey will tibah in “Simalem Resort” which has particularly stunning panorama.

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