Standard lovers always remember the smile on your face
True lover also remember your face sad time

Standard lover will take you to eat delicious food
True lover will prepare foods that you like

Standard every second lover was always waiting for a phone call from you
True lover always remembered every second of call you want

Standard is always praying for your lover’s happiness
True lover always try to give you happiness

Beloved standards you expect him to change for the sake of
True lover hopes he can change for you

The most pissed off lover standard you have to call when he slept
True lover now you will ask why a new phone?

Standard lovers will find you to discuss your troubles
True lover will be looking for you to solve your troubles

Standard lovers always asked why do you always make it sad?
True lover will always mananyakan yourself why makes you sad?

Lover is always thinking about the cause of separation standards
Solve the cause of true lovers farewell

Standard lovers could see all he has sacrificed for you
True lover can see all that you have sacrificed for him

Standard lovers think that argument is the end of everything
True lover thinking, if not ever fight can not be called true love

Standard lover beside you always wanted to accompany him forever
True lover forever be beside you always hoped to accompany


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