Horoscopes Week (3 – 9 May 2010)

Horoscopes Aries (The Ram)

Nature: Cardinal, Fire, Personal

Free, assertive, is individualistic, impulsive, high intellect, stubborn, to be the leader, leader, action-oriented (action oriented), Intemperate (not controlled), tend toward the violent, fiery, (fiery), straight- forward (frank), extreme, arrogant (arrogant), passionate (full of lust), powerful (very strong), there is a reclusive character (loner), fredom-loving (like the love that is free and not attached)

Health: Need to pay extra attention to the Head and Skull
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Planet Mars
Zodiac Date: 21 March – 20 April

Horoscopes TAURUS (The Bull, bull)

Nature: Fixed atatu fixed, grounded or connected with the element earth / earth, personal.

Imaginative, sistematk, devoted (to serve), patient (patient), sensual, affctionat (appreciate friendship), possesif, very careful about, like materialistic things (a sense of ownership of something tall), like things that smell music , artistic, stubborn, solid earthy (worldliness), strong, slow (slow), kind (kind), just (monotone).

Health: Need to pay extra attention to the throat or neck.
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Planet Venus
Zodiak date: April 21 to May 21

Horoscopes GEMINI (The Twins)

Nature: Mutable, always in motion, such as air and water, personal

Logical, inquisitive, energetic, active, can do many things, talkative, social minded, able to adapt well, tend to have two different characters, are like water and metal or merkurial, less patient, always wanted to know these things most recent

Health: Need to pay extra attention on the hands and lungs
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Planet Mercury
Zodiac Date: May 22-June 21

Horoscopes CANCER (The Crab)

Nature: Cardinal, water, personal

Protective, sensitive, stubborn tend not flexible, very dear to their families, home-oriented (the main orientation in the family), helpfull (helpful), growing and always spread, moody (mood-changing obey), behave like water flowing into below, tends to bury the feelings and desires, emotional, temperament (but not too long / easy to subside), loving

Health: Need to pay extra attention on the abdomen and chest
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Moon or Luna
Zodiac Date: June 22-July 23

Horoscopes LEO (The Lion)

Characteristic: Fixed, Fire, Social hearted

Good-hearted and giving, liberal, realistic, big hearted, proud (the dignity), dramatikal, likes to exaggerate the problem, passionate (have a high arousal), jealous, like the revered, Bossy (bossy), loves attention ( crazy attention), an arrogant, conceited impressed, independent (autonomous), leader (-spirited leader of), free-spirited, egotistic (tends to yourself and do not care about the environment), kingly (tub style king), powerful (powerful).

Health: Need extra attention on the heart and back
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Sun
Zodiac Date: July 24-August 23

Horoscopes Virgo (The Virgin, The Virgin)

Nature: Change, Earth / earth, Social hearted

Practical, efficient, critical (critical), love working and serving, high intellect, fashionable, has a high awareness of health (very concerned bodies), the voters and not haphazardly, tend to fussy, helpful, has a soul to love (easy to fall in love) , devoted, caring, flexible.

Health: Need to pay extra attention to the small intestine and part Absorption
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Planet Mercury
Zodiac Date: August 24-September 23

Horoscopes Libra (The Scales)

Nature: Cardinal, Air, Social

Cooperative, diplomatic, always moving, stylish (stylish, flexible), likes to partner, who liked to developing superior, want to compare the balance with love, Charm (have their own charm), debative (contentious), open minded (easily accept new things) , has a social soul, rich in ideas

Health: Need to pay extra attention on the heart and Lumbar Region
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Planet Venus
Zodiac Date: September 24 to October 23

Horoscopes SCORPIO (The Scorpio)

Nature: Still, like fire, Social

Passionate (high desire), creative, powerful, always curious, high enthusiasm, devoted, devotion, jealousy, always analyze something, always evolving, has a strong attraction, has a hypnotic power, like that of a sexual nature, intelligent and creative, very sensitive, intelligent tend sly, aggressive, self-oriented (cenderuh leads to myself), a sadist, misteruis, could make a surprising sudden change

Health: Need to pay extra attention to the Pelvis and Reproductive Organs
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Planet Mars and Pluto
Zodiac Date: October 24-November 22

Horoscopes Sagittarius (The Archer)

Nature: Change, Air, Universal

Free, straight-forward (frank), careles (careless), rude, insensitive, very philosophize, high intellect, Fun-Loving, arrogant, adventurous, likes to make progress, optimistic, blundering (making a big mistake), Believer ( easy to believe in something which he believes).

Health: Need to pay extra attention on the Hip and Thigh
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Planet Jupiter
Zodiac Date: November 23-December 21

Horoscopes Capricorn (The Sea-Goat)

Nature: Cardinal, down to earth, Universal

Prudent (wise), cautious (careful, do not easily believe), ambitious (tends to have the power or authority), but sometimes tends to slyly clever, competent, like giving orders, and stiff.

Health: Need to pay extra attention on the Knees and Bones
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Planet Saturn
Zodiac Date: December 22-January 20

Horoscopes Aquarius (The Water Flowing)

Properties: Equipment, Water, Universal

Democratic, unconventional (always wanted to know new things and keep track of), did not want to be bound, always separate from one another, often moving, there are cenderug to self-isolation (to form a separate group / like clustered) but has a high sense of friendship ( Friendship), social-minded, eccentric, elite, like a surprise, objective

Health: Need to pay extra attention on the Nervous System Nervous
Horoscopes: Influenced by the Planets Saturn and Uranus
Zodiac Date: January 21-February 19

Horoscopes Pisces (The Fishes)

Nature: Always Changing, Water, Universal

Imaginative, sensitive, hard to concentrate on one thing (no-focus), distracted (easily damaged / broken), feeling (always wear your feelings on an issue), Duality (possess opposite) namuni have idealism and religious (spiritual), acceptance (accept), undiscriminated (never differentiate), soul growth (evolving soul), artistic, careless, often easily give in to the situation (running away from a state / responsibilities / conditions that make it difficult) but have a high patience in these certain things that match.

Health: Need extra attention on the Foot and Immune System
Horoscopes: Influenced by Jupiter and Neptune
Zodiac Date: February 20-March 20


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