Coping Tips Slow Internet Access

You are often surfing the internet browsing certainly never experienced that suddenly becomes slow or error. This can happen because the internet connection was being bad. Things like this of course we can not fix easily, because it is associated with the internet provider we use.

But if it is not caused by bad connections, there are things that need to be done. Among them are like those below.

1. The easiest way is to restart your computer.
2. Clean your hard disk from the files that are stored as long as you surf, usually saved in the folder “Temporary Internet Files”
3. For users of IE (internet explorer), use the following steps:

– Click on “Tools” menu select “Internet options”
– On “General” tab select “Delete cookies”, “Delete files”, and “Clear history”
– So your hard drive will be clean again
– And the problems that arise while browsing will be resolved, because the cookies are erased
– The function of these cookies is to record your activities when visiting websites

4. For Mozilla firefox users use the following steps:

– In “Tools” menu select “Clear Private Data”
– Mark all, including cookies
– Then in the “Tools” menu select “Options”
– Select the tab “Advanced” then “Network” choose “Clear now”
– Functions to clear the cache or files stored while browsing


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