Zombie actually originated and emerged from the island of Haiti in the Caribbean. They are orang2 who almost died, then turned back from the almost dead body they will be by the priests / shamans Voodoo (a kind unseen / supernatural indian tribes, this would use incantations-spells).

They are usually used as slaves for their lives sisa2 very meyedihkan. Like humans, zombies can move, eat, hear, and speak, but they do not have the memories and insights about their condition.

Legends about zombies have been around for centuries, but only in the year 1980 documented a new case. The story begins in the year 1962 in Haiti. A man named Clairivius Narcisse was sold to a Voodoo shaman by his brother laki2, because Clairvius refused to sell his share of family land. Clairvius made soon died and was buried. However, he did not really benar2 die, but instead become a zombie and diperkejakan in sugarcane plantations with other zombie workers. In the year 1964, after the owner they will be dead zombie, the zombie2 eventually spread and wander across the island in a state of “daze” for about 16 years old before this mereka2 arrested.


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