Secret Shortcut in Mozilla

Here’s a secret shortcut from 9 Firefox, if a-gan2 to use this browser, try deh …

1: Auto complete the address. Org and. Net

If you type ‘google’ in the address bar and press Ctrl + Enter then you will be taken directly to But what about the address. Org and. Net? In Firefox, Shift + Enter will take you on. Net and Ctrl + Shift + Enter will take you on. Org automatically.

2: Alt + D

You can use this to navigate to the address of the Firefox browser.

3: Ctrl + T and Ctrl + Shift + T

Ctrl + T helps you open a new tab and Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen the last tab is closed.

4: Alt + Enter

This will automatically open the sites in another tab if you do highlight the AutoComplete list. For example, if you want to open Facebook and you type http://www.face …., In the address bar and it will begin to show the list.

5: Delete Key

Delete button is useful if you want to delete specific addresses in browser history or form AutoComplete. For example, if you type the ‘a’ in Google and get 3 entry. If you want to delete the second entry in the AutoComplete history, simply press Delete.

6: Ctrl + Tab

Ctrl + tab to help navigation between tabs with ease.

7: Ctrl + [1,2 … 9]

This is an extension of the function of Ctrl + tab, you can press Ctrl + the number you want to open a particular tab. For example, if you want to open tabs to 3, you can press Ctrl +3.

8: Spacebar and Shift + Spacebar or PageDown and PageUp

Spacebar or PageDown will shift the page down and Shift + Spacebar or PageUp shift onto the page.

9: Middle Mouse Button

You can place the cursor anywhere, and click the middle mouse button. This will open a new page in the tab.


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