Made Your Windows Faster

Try this one!!!!!

Form made your windows be more light, we need to disable some service, what Is that? First, open run and tiped “services.msc” than enter. It will have many service, those services will differ with another computer because with not same user, it will not same application that they used, but with the same windows it will have some service that the same, so follow this step

Clipbook save info for remote –computer disable

Automatic Update / Windows Update(vista) disable

COM+EventSystem,COM+SystemAplication manual

Theme disable (if did’t used)

Human Interface Device Access disable

Error repoting services / windows Errorrepoting services disable

Help & Support disable (if did’t


IMAPI-CD-Burning Com System disable (if used another program)

Indexting Service/windows search(vista) disable

Made searcing become faster

Fast User Switching Compatibility disable

Cryptogaphic Services manual (if didn’t update your windows)

Netmeeting remote desktop sharing disable

Server disable (for single computer)

Telephony diable (if did’t used it)

Web-Client disable

enable widows base program access to internet

Windows time disable

Some of Those services, will not had on windows vista, but don’t’t worry just relax and disable the services that u seen in your windows vista.


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