Kraken Part.2

At first, the stories of sea monsters described by former sailors never considered seriously by the scientists. These stories are considered like a drunken sailor tales.

Then, after investigation, this legend was true and there is: Krakken often told the sailors might be a kind of giant squid (Architeuthis dux). Giant squid is probably the only creatures who approached legendary kraken that for many centuries.

For years, scientists have also spent millions of dollars to catch or at least take a photo giant mollusk living in the depths of the sea. However, there is no any result of this costly expedition satisfactory.

Squid specimen greatest length is estimated to reach 65 feet, but recently found about 26 feet long, when a biologist from the Japanese film muluska (squid type) is the depth of 3000 feet for the first time. This sensational discovery and proves that at certain depths humans still can not fully know the hidden mysteries of nature. (see also: Japanese Scientists Discover Giant Squid)

Actually there are many stories that could strengthen the existence of sea monsters kraken like this. But until now still seputaran between controversy and assumptions.

In 1955, a Canadian newspaper published a story that comes from the mysterious sailor. A sailing ship that crashed into something strange. After the separation distance, it looks like not a bad shark or a giant jellyfish floating on the surface of the water. As the ship approached the object, sailor John Squires leaned on the board to hook it.

But after touching an iron hook things like jellyfish, a huge tentacle out of him. Sailors were frightened and fell on the deck. John was shocked and her face pale. Sailor’s pretty hard to Joh Squires never sail again since that day.

Now let’s go to Scotland, Lake Loch, home of another mysterious monster called the Nessy. Every year the media reported a lot of evidence and witnesses who met with this monster. They believe Nessi is part of the natural phenomenon was real.

Nessy monster this story appeared in the year 1966 through a Royal Air Force pilots. They recorded an incident where one of the creature across the lake Loch. When experts studied the tape they conclude that this is a creature alive. When the monster across the lake; movements form the letter “V” on the surface of the lake.

It is suspected that the monster of Lake Loch is presiosaurus life. But these prehistoric creatures could survive millions of years? This is possible because the turtles, crocodiles and sharks live in the same era presiosaurus and still survive until today.

After all, two-thirds of the world covered with water. This is a large area to live and could not reach people. Not sure whether the sea would be showing itself as an aquarium to scientists. If this happens we will be able to see the sea caves inhabited by something like what we read only in books fantastic.


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