yup! Golem! favorite creature that is in almost all fantasy cerita2 .. Golem realization of a unified set of stones to form a giant figure of 3-10 meters tall .. klo than other creture2, Golem tu the most powerful physical strength, but he’s the most idiotic, karna ga Golem has a brain .. (it rocks all ..)
though idiotic, ni hard monster death, he can only die by the water .. because water is the most feared Golem ..
Golem in the game there are quite a lot of types, but in general the best known of the stone Golem (Golem rock) .. Golem ga can move itself, there must be a witch / Summoner which he gerakin and government ..

1. Rock Golem – a classic! Golem’s really most often appear in fantasy movies and games .. composed of a large boulder ..
2. Clay Golem – Golem is not just the stone wrote, but there are also clay .. her movements become more flexible and not rigid, but very weak as water ..
3. Ice Golem – Golem from ice, the most vulnerable to fire .. ama home soaked in water too long ..
4. Metal Golem -? he said is this the most powerful Golem, but somewhere where they came from could arise from the metal Golem story .. movements at the latest, the water could make him rusty ..

Golem first time appear in Jewish legend ..
This is based on the belief that man was created from clay. So, any Jewish magician creates a kind of human race. Naahh,, Golem itself means stone, fake, or the Hebrew slaves in rough ..
In fact, there folkstale among the Jews, klo Suleiman the Great had created the Golem to build his royal palace and became the patron saint. Golem was not all in human form. Golem in human form, is the most popular because most related myth.

Clay Golem is the first generation in the creation Golem. When the magicians realized that the clay was less effective and their creation was far from the human image, they are desperate. In the desperation, they change the mindset and make the Golem as protector.

Furthermore, they also create more powerful Golem reply from the rock. Although this Golem solid, but his agility so memperihatinkan. His movements were broken. However, Golem mini still a favorite magicians.
After coming era of metal, the witches are interested in experimenting with metal as the raw material manufacture a new type of Golem. Naaaaaahh,, Golem is considered a perfect final because it has high defense elbow and elbow flexible movement. However, the production a bit. Because the materials used at the time wrote that expensive


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