It is a sacred animal keeper of the wind in the eastern Chinese legend. Diceeritakan that the phoenix is a pet to help kaisaar sky towards heaven arwah2 .. According to his pedigree, and eggs became the first phoenix eagle, eagle eggs first became beubah peacock, peacock eggs became the first chicken. Knowing this, the Emperor gave the sky a little privilege to the phoenix, the sacred animal to remember him.

This animal was born in 1000. Born from an egg – reply came from his ashes phoenix-reply before placed in the east sea dragon’s lair. When hatched, the bird flew out of the ocean with a golden light with a rainbow. As he approached death, the bird is looking for an employer (leaving the emperor sky) new, to live together. employer seeking a phoenix yg same time with her death. when he has reached his end, these birds will be burned and flame will fly to the sky emperor’s palace. Ashes from his body, will leave a few eggs, the number of eggs based on the number of descendants of the last employer-posterior runners carried by the east sea dragon. It will be hatched and 500 years later, all of the phoenix will unite again into a sacred phoenix.
According to legend, Zhuge Liang, a military advisor to Liu Bei, have these animals a few years before his death. Phoenix reportedly brought wisdom, prosperity, peace, and death to keep it well ..

After Marco Polo came to China, he brought a lot of stories from the East country for trafficked to Europe. According to experts, the myth of the phoenix and the adoption by the European nations later wrote widely used for seasoning ingredients described in the legend of their …

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