Horoscopes origin of China

ACCORDING to legend, when the Buddha was about to leave the earth, he memerintakan all animals to come before him. Most did not heed the invitation, and they make up a variety of reasons for not attending. Finally, there are only 12 animals came to say goodbye to the Buddha.

First came the Rat, and Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig last. As a token of appreciation, the Buddha decided to honor each of the animals by naming a year in accordance with the names and order of arrival of the animals. Then he stated that any animal which is presented over the year, allowed to give their properties to every human child born in the year and showing its influence over events that took place in the world.

Since then we have 12 zodiac animals. According to China’s trust, which controls the animal your birth year has a profound influence on your life. That animal is hidden in your heart.

Historically, China introduced the zodiac animals in about 2637 BC, when Emperor Huang Ti of China started the first round of the zodiac is the year of the reign 61. Unlike western astrology is based on the circulation of the planets in our solar system, based on the Chinese astrological calendar months beginning in late January to mid February each year, depending on the date of the fall of the new moon.

Therefore, if you were born in January or February, you should check our almanac carefully to ensure that you are not born in the year earlier or later according to the calculation of China.

Influence Element

In western astrology there are many more than a series of zodiac signs. So also in China astrology is not composed only of the zodiac, zodiac marking your birth year. Secondly it describes only those aspects of the most common of our personality.

In astrology China, every year not only dominated by one type of animal but also influenced by one of the Five Basic Elements of the philosophy of China: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Soil. However, unlike the powerful animal for one year only, the influence of each element was for two years in each period. This is because each element must disclose its aspects in the first year (by the aggressiveness and initiative shown by the Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey or dog), and the Yin aspect of the next year (through a passive and receptive shown by Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, Chicken or Pig).

Integrating animals and the elements that will have the Dragon Fire and the Dragon Land, Wood Mouse and Rat Water. Maybe you and your father was born in the year of Horse. Even so, while you are a Fire Horse, born in 1966, your father was born in 1942, the year of Horse Water. Your personality will be the same but have properties that differ according to the differences existing between the elements of Fire and Water. The cycle of animals and the elements are repeated every 60 years (12 animals x 5 elements). Year 1932 was the year of Goat Metal, but Metal Goat next year does not appear until 1992.

Birth time

While the differences between the horse and Horse Fire Water can be described as a generational thing is, how will China take astrology differences among people born in the same year? If we really want to know the things that make us unique character, we must also take into account the time of our birth.

In China the calendar, the day started at 11 pm and 24 hours divided into 12 sections, each consisting of 2 hours. Each section is controlled by a single mark of the beast. As in western astrology, the sign which controls the time of birth (called ascending) can have a powerful influence on a person’s personality. For example, a goat that calm might be born between the hours of 9 to 11 pm, time-controlled snake zodiac, while the Goats are noisy and the flusher was born probably between the hours of 5 to 7 am, which is controlled by the zodiac chicken.

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