Spam or junk mail is the misuse of the electronic delivery of news to display advertising news and other purposes that lead to inconvenience for the users of the web site. News forms of spam commonly known include: e-mail spam, instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, search engine spam web information (web search engine spam), spam blogs, spam news on cell phones, Internet forum spam, etc..

Spam usually comes insistently unsolicited and often unwanted by the recipient. Some other examples of this can be a spam e-mail containing advertising, the brief letter (SMS) on mobile phones, news that came in a news group forum contains promotional items not related to the news group, which controls a spamdexing search engine (search engine) to find the popularity of a particular URL, or can be a useless story and entered in a blog, website guest book, and others.

Spam sent by the ad makers with operating costs very low, because it does not require spam list (mailing list) to reach the customers you want. As a result many of the injured party. In addition to Internet users themselves, ISPs (Internet Service Providers or Internet Service Provider), and the general public also felt uncomfortable. Because usually very disturbing and sometimes cheat, spam news including the illegal activities and is a criminal act that can be followed through the Internet law.

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