Five Elements / Wu xing

Ancient soothsayer in China makes 60-year cycle, a trend that has similarities between Western and Eastern astrology. In this cycle, every 60 year period is one of the three parts is in \ “the Great Solar Cycle \” for 180 years. It is also worth a number of years required to provide to each element of the twelve Zodiac existing (5 x 12 = 60).

Therefore, this ancient art is often regarded as a combination of mathematics and science. Element also provides an additional layer of meaning that there is any sign. Elements Air, Fire, Metal, Wood, and Land gives a clearer explanation from the characteristics of animals in the zodiac. The Chinese believe that everything is real in this world, whether it is visible or not, could be categorized as water, wood, fire, earth or metal.

Cycle of five elements or known as the Wu Xing is one of the important concepts in traditional Chinese medicine, analysis of the fate and the feng shui. You need to know the relationship of the five elements are and how they mutually affect each other. discussed the Zodiac and Feng Shui, it’s good for you to know whether the element type you have.


Metal element symbolizes the nature of the rigid and hard line with the maximum level in their zodiac. The people who are in this element is guided by strong feelings and will pursue their goals with perseverance and without hesitation. Supported by their determination, they can continue trying to get what they want. Usually they are ambitious and unwavering in their beliefs.
These people can not easily swayed or influenced to change the way they had set, despite the difficulties, setbacks or failures. No matter how determination and perseverance they have in accordance with the characteristics of their zodiac, those born with the metal element will only be strengthened by a metal element.

Metallic elements tend to solve problems facing their own and will not appreciate interference or assistance that they did not expect. They have a purpose, to launch the road and realize their goals without help from others. They have a strong sense of financial and material, and will use it to support the independent spirit and their high sense of luxury, wealth and power. However, they sometimes also have difficulty adjusting to circumstances that no longer can be controlled or received by way of their minds that fast.

To be truly effective, Metal elements necessary to compromise and not adhered to the principle. Often times, they are being too rigid and firm on his own opinions that could damage a good relationship just because others do not want to meet or adapt to their desires.


Element of Water has the ability to communicate and implement ideas that there is a way of influencing others to make it happen. They reached the desire to demonstrate and utilize talents and abilities of others. They will be more driven by feelings, but this will depend on the sign that they have. However, their approach did not make others feel have been exploited. They have the talent and instincts of a high guess things will be important and potentially in the future. In accordance with the characteristics of water, they remove the biggest obstacle to peace efforts with constant or consistent. They are talented in making people want what they want to achieve – in other words, encouraging rather than forcing people to take action. One negative side is too easily carried away or the environment tend to choose the easiest path. Their worst traits are labile and can be passive or overly dependent upon others.

Because their instincts are sensitive to the feelings of people and the atmosphere, they change like elements represent. In order to succeed, they must be more convincing and use their persuasive abilities to achieve great ideas. Other people should voluntarily follow their instincts.


Wood element represents high moral and confidence high. They are talented in dividing and separating the various problems in the correct category to fit the purpose. Advanced nature and generous that they have allowed them to carry out large projects, and long-term development plan or strategic scientific research. Their interests are also very wide and varied, and the ability to work together to support them to do things on a large scale.
They were able to convince others to cooperate with them. They are expanding rapidly in many areas whenever there is a chance, because they want continuous development and renewal actions. They want to share the profits they make with the people who deserve it. Their good intentions, and understanding in the way of thinking and how others can support them to a very advantageous position. Usually they easily get help and the cost of the people who need them the ability to change the information and ideas into profits.

The biggest weakness for those born in the Wood element is, they tend to be too much work by myself until the end was not able to finish what they started. Their plans may have failed or they can move from one project to another without a satisfactory outcome.


The fire element will show the talents of high leadership; quickly make decisions and believe in yourself. They are a good motivator and capable of realizing his ideas, because they are more aggressive than other people who were born under the same zodiac. They are fond of adventure and innovation, as a result they are always ready to implement new ideas and will try to dominate others with creativity, originality and ability to bear risk. They have all the provisions to be the main winners, as long as they want to appreciate the views and listen to others’ opinions before taking any action. They should develop the properties as a good listener and to control their tendency to act impulsively. Many of those fires are also likely to get too bold in his opinion.

Like elements, Fire, they always attract others to their warmth and intelligence, and can benefit people who work with them. Even so, they should be able to control your emotions, because their ambitions and intentions of the passionate selfishness may enlarge until they be reckless and impatient when their wishes did not materialize. More and more of a fire trying to fulfill his desire by force or violence, the more often he was the face of opposition and adversity. They can also be reckless and cause great damage if they fail to control and direct their energies appropriately.


More attention to the soil elements practical purposes rather than a dream. They have a great idea and love the real goal. With their vision and ability to organize, they are the planners and organizers are effective. They will use all the potential that they find optimal and likely prudent and careful in financial matters. They are intelligent and objective in guiding others to achieve goals that have been planned carefully. In general they are people of serious and methodical in the way of work and can organize and run all types of business that requires management of the firm. They can be relied upon to shoulder their responsibilities admirably, and can discipline themselves effectively.

They are the people who will be accountable for their opinions and have reasons for everything they do. Although they may act slowly, but usually achieve a satisfactory outcome and long-lasting. They are included in this element is generally conservative and cautious. Their weakness is the lack of imagination, too selfish, and love the life style routine.

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