10 Most Deadly Computer Virus in the World

1.Storm Worm
Appears taon 2006, called “Storm Worm” because spreads via email with the headline “230 dead as storm batters Europe”. Storm worm is a Trojan program house. few can make a computer version of the bots. Hackers or used for spam mail over the Internet.

2. Leap-A/Oompa- A
Mac that has the concept of security through obscurity will not believe a virus because its OS closed system. But in 2006, Leap-A virus or commonly called Oompa-A emerged. Spreads through iChat on the Mac. After Mac infected, the virus will search for contacts via iChat and send messages to each contact. The message that contains a form of corrupted files JPEG. It is not dangerous, but it is still possible that there will be a dangerous virus that attacks the MAC.

3. Sasser and Netsky
Creator child 17 years old German, Sven Jaschan. Sasser attack Microsoft Windows. This ga Sasser spreads via email. But if one computer to connect to the computer got this virus. This virus makes the computer can not be shutdown without power pull. Netsky spread via email with attachment file 22 Kb and Windows networks. DoS attacks can make. Sven Jaschan imprisoned not only given probation 1 taon 9 months, since age is still below 18 taon.

4. MyDome (Novarg)
Began attacking dated February 1, 2004, make a backdoor virus on the OS. The first time it started on DDoS 1. Secondly, on 12 Feb, the virus stopped spreading and start creating backdoors. Mydoom spreads via email, but it always search in the search engines, like Google began to receive millions of search queries and make slow until finally crashes. Gara2 Mydoom, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer proposed creating the National Virus Response Center.

5.SQL Slammer / Saphire
Appeared in January 2003, cepet spread via the Internet. When it makes American Bank ATM service crashes, 911 service ancurnya Seattle, and Continental Airlines to cancel flights due to error beberapap check in ama ticketing. Make losses of more than $ 1 billion before dipacthed.

This was also the year 2001, the reverse of the word “admin”. Spread very quickly, according to TruSecure CTO Peter Tippett, Nimda only takes 22 minutes to make into the Top Ten at the time. Its target server2 Internet, spread through the Internet. Nimda will ngebuat backdoor into the OS. so an attacker can access to the server and do whatever Nimda also a DDoS.

7.Code Red & Code Red II
Summer of 2001 appeared, attacking the OS Windows 2000 & NT. Virus will make a full buffer memory so ngabisin. The most exciting time associated ama White House, all computers that are going to get automatic virus access to the web server in the White House unison, so make overload, aka DDoS attacks. Microsoft finally releases patchnya moment.

8.The Klez
Nongol taon 2001, spreads via email, send to replication orang2 trus in the address book. Bikin ga computer can operate, the antivirus program can berhentiin.

Abis “Melissa”, he emerged from the Philippines, his form worm, the program can standalone self-replication. Spreads via email, titled “love letters” from a secret admirer. Its original file LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT. vbs. VBS stands for Visual Basic Scripting. Creator is Onel de Guzman of the Philippines.

1999 taon same contrived David L Smith, basicnya Microsoft Word macros. Spread via email with the document “Here is that document you asked for, do not show it to anybodey else.”. If sampe opened, the virus will replicate and automatically send the top 50 in the email address book. Smith ama jailed 20 months and fined $ 5000 prohibits unsupervised computer access.

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