Google Mobile products

Online mobile products

These products can be accessed through a browser on a mobile device or a standard desktop web browser such as Firefox.

Blogger Mobile
Only available on some US networks. Allows you to post to your Blogger blog from a mobile device.

Read a list of all Google Calendar events from a mobile device. There is also the option to quickly add events to your personal calendar.

Access a Gmail account from a mobile device using a standard mobile web browser. Alternatively, Google provides a specific mobile application to access and download Gmail messages quicker.

Access Google News on a mobile device using a simpler interface compared to the full online application.

Google Mobilizer
Makes any web page mobile-friendly.

Simple version of iGoogle – you must visit the information page to choose which modules to display on your personal mobile version as not all modules are compatible.

Product Search
Updated version of the previous Froogle Mobile

View Google Reader on a mobile device.

Mobile search
Search web pages, images, local listings and mobile-specific web pages through the Google search engine. If a webpage is not tailored for a mobile device Google will provide a simple text version of the webpage generated using an algorithm.

Picasa Web Album
Lets you view photo albums that you have stored online.

Google Latitude
Google Latitude is a mobile geolocation tool that lets your friends know where you are via Google Maps.

Google Maps Navigation (Mobile, Android only)
A GPS navigation system, like 3D views, turn-by-turn voice guidance and automatic rerouting.
Downloadable mobile products
Some of these products must be downloaded and run from a mobile device.

A downloadable application that has many advantages over accessing Gmail through a web [interface] on a mobile such as the ability to interact with Gmail features including labels and archiving. Requires a properly configured Java Virtual Machine, which is not available by default on some platforms (such as Palm’s Treo).

Maps (Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian,Palm OS, and J2ME)
A mobile application for viewing maps on a mobile device. The application lets you find addresses and plot directions. Teamed with a GPS the application can use your geolocation and show your current location on the map. The device must have either a specific application to use Google maps or any phone with a properly configured Java Virtual Machine.

Synchronizes a mobile phone with multiple Google calendars as well as contacts using a Google Account.

Talk (BlackBerry only)
VoIP application exclusively for BlackBerry smartphones.

Talk (Android only)
Text chat application, lacking the VoIP function present in BlackBerry version.

Sky Map (Mobile, Android only)
Augmented reality program displaying a star map which is scrolled by moving the phone.

Voice (Android, Blackberry)
A downloadable application for accessing Google Voice functions on selected devices.

A downloadable application for viewing YouTube videos on selected devices.

Listen (Mobile, Android only, from Google Labs)
A downloadable application for subscribing to and streaming podcasts and Web audio.

Goggles (Mobile, Android only, from Google Labs)
A downloadable application that uses image recognition for triggering searches based on pictures taken with the devices inbuilt camera. For example taking a picture of famous landmark would search for information about it or taking a picture of a products barcode will search for information on the product.
Downloadable mobile products

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