5 Big Browser

Internet Explorer

IE looks like tis too simple, with its style like that may be make a people used become bored. At IE7, it has RSS reader. and at IE8, it has accelerator thet make it become faster, and it has compability mode for web, that’s not compatible with IE8. Besides that, IE didn’t need hight resource memory, but IE its too slow to load some website, this can make the user bacome mad.


This is the famouse browser that used by so many people. Its name is firefox. This browser create by Mozilla Foundation. This browser its free, so you can download it without pay. Well so mush people like this browser because it has so much “add=ons”, so you can changes the theme, it has a feature like download manager. But firefox need so much resource memory and this would make your computer be slow.


This browser, its named opera is createc by Opera Software ASA. This browser its free, this browser has to download file Torrent, so no need for install Download Manager software like GetRight dan Flashget. But this browser was take more time for access the web site.


This browser created by AppleInc. This browser is design for MacOS, but now it can used in windows to. Safari didt’n has so much feature like another browser. This browser need so much time for upload t website, this was a negative point of this browser.

Google Crome

This browser realsed at 2008, the name is crome. This browser just need a little time fos access to website . this browser is do simple and didb’t have a Add-ons, but may be for the next version they will put more feature to crome.


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