Win Xp V/s Win Vista

Windows Xp was the most OS (Operating System), developet by Microsoft that used by people on the word, expecially in Indonesia. We knew after few year , Microsoft realesed new OS named Windows Vista. Its many year past but people still used Windows Xp as their OS in Their Computer, Why?
I s “XP” better that “Vista” ?
Now we try to test this 2 OS perfomace, this is dual between XP Sp3 and Vista Sp 1. These 2 OS will intall in the computer with the same spesification, that is Core 2 Duo 2,4Ghz with 2Gb memory.

1. Perfomance
• Booting: Xp need 19 second, and vista need 23 second. It’s the same time for shut-dow

• Standby: Xp need 8 Second, and vista need 10 second

• Start applycation (we used photoshop for this test): Xp need 11 second, and vista 9 second

• Copy prossec: for copy 200 data Xp need 38 second, and vista need 37 second

2. Secure
• User account:
Vista has 1 feature name UAC (User Account Contol), this feature made the user must give agree anwer to windows. This feature was very distrube for the user. In Xp user could used, install, Copy, open all file without give the agree answer to windows
For this feature UAC was very distrubing, but give more security, without UAC like Xp hacker will more easy for move inside to the system

• Firewall:
Xp ad Vista were already have this feature after the installation. This feature used for guard system from virus or hacker.

• Encription
Everyone always used password for protect their data from another people. How about for some company, they must protec their project data from a thie. It just used password for protectin its still to risk for te data in the computer, because that password didn’t hard to be erase. In vista its has feature named “bitlocker” for lock the Hard drive partition, but just Vista Ultimate had this feature.

3. User Friendly
• File Administration
For this category, between Xp and Vista, they just have one different. At Vista, if you want to search for some file, just enough with tiped file name at the text box, then all file have same with the caracter that yu tiped will show rapidly. At Xp wasn’t like this easy

• Gadget
In vista, after the istallation, it will has gadget named sidebar. Sidebar will give new update informaition like weather, date, time, perfomace, currency, etc (some item can be used if you connect to internet).
For XP, its ofcourse you must find and intall ths applycation again.

• Compatible
For newest driver it will compatible with Vista, and for old sofware or driver will more compere with Xp.


After we check from some category, the resul is Vista was better then Xp, Why?
XP is more light than vista, its make xp mo quick for prossec the data. But we know thecnology will update by time to time. Hardware spesification will always move to become more sophisticated. On computer with hight spesification, the loading time on Vista is not a trooble again, althought UAC is so annoying. Xp was lighter and quicker than vista, but computer with hight spesification vista ca be as light as and as quick as Xp. More than that Vista has more feature than Xp, if Xp intalled with those feature, so Xp will slower than vista


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