Windows Desktop from Time to Time

1. Windows 1.01
windows 1.01

2. Windows 2.0
windows 2.0

3. Windows 2.1
windows 2.1

4. Windows 3.0
windows 3.0

5. Windows 3.1
windows 3.1

6. Windows NT 3.1
windows nt 3.1

7. Windows nt 3.51
windows nt 3.51

8. Windows 95

9.Windows 98
windows 98

10. Windows 2000
windows 2000

11. Windows ME
windows me

12. Windows XP
this windows had greatest sold then other OS from microsoft, with his nice view, quick prossecing data, compere with so much application.
its so mush people in this word used this windows
windows Xp must be the best product from microsoft

windows xp

13. Windows Vista
its called the last windows created by “Mr. Gates” before, but because their said this windows its not friendly user for them. so Some people didn’t want to used this windows

windows vista

14. Windows 7
The newest windows from Microsoft. This windows is hoped can be the best OS from microsoft, after their said Windows Vista was called failure product


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